Welcome to Memel Tattoo Convention’2018/07/06-07-08!

On the 6th, 7th and 8th of July, 2018, in the very heart of Klaipėda (Lithuania) old-town – in the brand new art expo hall – the biggest event of its kind in Lithuania will take place!

MEMEL TATTOO CONVENTION: 3 days, 3 floors, about 3000 square meters and more than 180 artists.

The very best and the most talented tattoo artists from Lithuania and guests from all over the world will come here.

During the event you will have opportunity to take part in a very high quality event with multiple contests, plenty of genuinely good artists, loads of prizes to win and lots of good time to

spend together with Your pals.

Events include live music performances, DJ sets, art shows, after-parties, tons of activities and entertainment for our viewers and guests.

After movie from 2016th convention: here>>>

The organizers:

Danielius Djačkovas, owner of  Danistattoo shop  (www.danistattoo.lt)
Aurimas Mockus, owner of  West Historical (www.memelmoto.lt)

Artist: Edgaras Tkačenka

Artist: Edgaras Tkačenka

Meistras / Artist: Edgaras Tkačenka Studija / Shop: “TRUE TATTOO” City: Vilnius Country: Lithuania Email: etkacenka23@gmail.com
Artist: Gabrielė Smėlis

Artist: Gabrielė Smėlis

Meistrė / Artist: Gabrielė Smėlis Studija / Shop: “TRUE TATTOO” City: Vilnius Country: Lithuania Email: gabrieleSmelis@gmail.com

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